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Long Life Photocell

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AcRo Photocell

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AcRo Mini

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Time Switch

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SmartStar Ballast

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Nema Power Tap

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A photocell to match your LED luminaire life expectancy


Westbrite Technology Limited (WESTBRITE) was initially established as a research and development company and during March of 2016 WESTBRITE took-over the core products and assets of SELC Ireland Limited (SELC). The founder of both SELC and WESTBRITE Sean Noone BSc DBA has over 33 years-experience in the provision of photocell street lighting technologies supplying Utilities, Lighting Luminaire OEM’s and Municipalities through-out Europe, North America, Canada & South Africa.
Sean Noone is a leader in this niche field in the development of Photocells, Wireless CMS Photocells, Smart Ballasts, Power-line Communications Nodes and DALI Communications Nodes. Since Sean first established SELC way back in 1982 he brought a new meaning to street lighting controls pioneering game-changing technologies such as: Silicon Eye Response Ambient Light Detectors. RAT Switching, Candelon PLC Communications, Smart HID Ballasts, Dimmable Electronic Ballasts, Astro Time Clocks etc.
Since Sean first entered the outdoor lighting market he has helped redefine the meaning of street lighting controls. From first pioneering the change to silicon eye response ambient light detection in photocells, launching the markets first Astro Time Clock and Smart Ballasts capable of dimming all types of HID lamps. Sean has and will continue breaking new ground in the provision of world-class smart street light and smart city control products. Sean’s customers have always been energy efficient and carbon footprint conscious, WESTBRITE will continue under Sean’s leadership with this green technology development and with continuous new breakthroughs in this and in the Smart City green technology space.
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